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30-seconds-bio: I sleep 6h a day. When I am not sleeping, I look at code. For all kinds of projects. During the day, it's usually about social science. At night, it's about other tech stuff. I like to work with people who I share core values with -- and passion for the same things (for example economics, politics, science and making the world a better place). Besides that, I like to fail, learn and probably learn through failure. My rolemodels are Forrest Gump, Alan Turing, Angela Merkel, Tim Berners-Lee.

60-seconds-bio: I am a DPhil student in Social Policy at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. In my research, I focus on social and economic policy changes and how machine learning can be used to improve our empirical understanding of both domains. In my PhD dissertation, I am applying natural language processing models to measure social and economic policy changes in a fully automatized way. Beyond my studies, I follow my passion for data science and coding also in other projects. For an overiew, please check out my Github profile. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Zeppelin University (with semester abroad at Columbia University) and a master’s degree in International Political Economy from London School of Economics (LSE). Before and during my doctoral studies, I have worked as Researcher/Research Assistant at IMF, Oxford, LSE, UCL, King's College and EBRD. For more information, check out my resume.


Labour market regulation and tax reforms in the EU: What works? Issues of sequencing and complementarity (2020)
(with Nauro Campos, Yuemei Ji, Angelo Martelli & Orkun Saka), in Campos, N., De Grauwe, P. & Ji, Y. (eds) 'Political Economy of Structural Reforms', Cambridge University Press

Structural reforms in Europe: Lessons from early experiences (2020)
(with Nauro Campos, Paul De Grauwe, Yuemei Ji, Angelo Martelli & Orkun Saka), in Campos, N., De Grauwe, P. & Ji, Y. (eds) 'Political Economy of Structural Reforms', Cambridge University Press

Governance at Municipal and Regional Level (2019)
(with Zsoka Koczan), in EBRD ”Better Governance, Better Economies” Report, Chapter 2

The Introduction of the European Monetary Union (2016)
in Wieland, J. and Leisinger, K. M. (eds) ’Transculturality – Leadership, Management and Governance’, Metropolis-Verlag.


Till Date

International Monetary Fund

Fund Internship Program (full-time)
Supervisors: Davide Furceri, Jonathan Ostry

King's College London

Research Assistant (part-time)
Supervisors: Cevat Aksoy, Nicolas Ajzenman, Sergei Guriev
Till Date

University of Oxford

Researcher in Political Economy (part-time)
Supervisor: Tim Vlandas

University College London / London School of Economics

Research Assistant in Economics (full-time)
Supervisors: Paul De Grauwe, Nauro Campos, Yuemei Ji
August 2019

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Trainee in Economic Research (full-time)
Supervisors: Cevat Aksoy, Zsoka Koczan, Alex Plekhanov

London School of Economics

Research Assistant in Political Economy (part-time)
Supervisors: Tim Vlandas, Mark Thatcher


Till Date

DPhil Student in Social Policy

University of Oxford
Focus: Political Economy, Data Science

MSc in International Political Economy

London School of Economics
Focus: International Finance, Political Economy, Monetary Policy

Semester Abroad

Columbia University
Focus: Political Economy, Macroeconomics, Finance

BA in Economics

Zeppelin University
Focus: Quantitative Methods, Macroeconomics, Finance


I offer various services for data-driven projects on a freelance basis. If you are interested in hiring me, do not hesitate to get in touch. I have experience in the following techniques:

Statistical Analysis

Machine Learning

Text Analysis

Geo Mapping

Web Scraping


Before I got into my passion for data, I was working as a web developer for a couple of organisations. Get in touch if you need a website that should not look like one from the 1970s. A few examples of my work: