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I am a DPhil student in Social Policy at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. In my research, I focus on various fields in economics and political science using methods on causal inference and machine learning. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Zeppelin University (with semester abroad at Columbia University) and a master’s degree in International Political Economy from London School of Economics (LSE). Before and during my doctoral studies, I have worked as Consultant, Researcher and Research Assistant at IMF, Oxford, LSE, UCL, King's College, EBRD and Lead Machine Learning. For more information, check out my resume.


The Impact of Weather on Covid-19 Pandemic (2021)
with D. Furceri and J.D. Ostry, Forthcoming in Nature Scientific Reports

Vaccinate Early and Vaccinate Broadly: On the Health and Economic Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines (2021)
with P. Deb, D. Furceri, J.D. Ostry and N. Tawk, under review

Compliance with Covid-19 Lockdown and the Compounding Effects of Weather (2021)
with J. Van Parys and T. Vlandas, under review

Are Climate Change Policies Politically Costly? (2021)
with D. Furceri and J.D. Ostry, under review

Initial Output Losses from the Covid-19 Pandemic: Robust Determinants (2021)
with D. Furceri, J.D. Ostry and N. Yang, under review

Ageing and the Economy: A Literature Review of Political and Policy Mechanisms (2021)
with T. Vlandas and D. McArthur, Political Research Exchange

On the Complementarity between Labour Market Regulation and Tax Reforms in the European Union (2020)
with N. Campos, Y. Ji, A. Martelli and O. Saka; in Campos, N., De Grauwe, P. and Ji, Y. (eds) ’EconomicGrowth and Structural Reforms in Europe’, pp.280-313, Cambridge University Press

Structural Reforms in Europe Lessons from Early Experiences (2020)
with N. Campos, P. De Grauwe, Y. Ji, A. Martelli and O. Saka; in Campos, N., De Grauwe, P. and Ji, Y. (eds) ’Economic Growth and Structural Reforms in Europe’, pp.317-341, Cambridge University Press

Public Attention and Policy Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)
with C. Aksoy and P. Poutvaara

Governance at Municipal and Regional Level (2019)
with Z. Koczan; in EBRD ”Better Governance, Better Economies” Report, Chapter 2


Till Date

LEAD Machine Learning

Scientist (part-time)

International Monetary Fund

Fund Internship Program (full-time)
Supervisors: Davide Furceri, Jonathan Ostry

King's College London

Research Assistant (part-time)
Supervisors: Cevat Aksoy, Nicolas Ajzenman, Sergei Guriev

University of Oxford

Researcher in Political Economy (part-time)
Supervisor: Tim Vlandas

University College London / London School of Economics

Research Assistant in Economics (full-time)
Supervisors: Paul De Grauwe, Nauro Campos, Yuemei Ji

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Trainee in Economic Research (full-time)
Supervisors: Cevat Aksoy, Zsoka Koczan, Alex Plekhanov

London School of Economics

Research Assistant in Political Economy (part-time)
Supervisors: Tim Vlandas, Mark Thatcher


Till Date

DPhil Student in Social Policy

University of Oxford
Focus: Political Economy, Data Science

MSc in International Political Economy

London School of Economics
Focus: International Finance, Political Economy, Monetary Policy

Semester Abroad

Columbia University
Focus: Political Economy, Macroeconomics, Finance

BA in Economics

Zeppelin University
Focus: Quantitative Methods, Macroeconomics, Finance


I offer various services for data-driven projects on a freelance basis. If you are interested in hiring me, do not hesitate to get in touch. I have experience in the following techniques:

Statistical Analysis

Machine Learning

Text Analysis

Geo Mapping

Web Scraping


Before I got into my passion for data, I was working as a web developer for a couple of organisations. Get in touch if you need a website that should not look like one from the 1970s. A few examples of my work: